8 Gen Z Trends that you should know about

This is a weird thing about fashion trends. In the beginning, we cringe and deny them (at least some of them), but after looking at them over and over again at our favourite influencers or celebrities, we tend to admire them. And those styles managed to make their place in our closet in absolutely no time.

When you dust the year for Gen Z fashion’s stand out moments, you will find plenty of pieces and trends.

Click through for top fashion trends that are being led by Gen Z:

  1. Ruched Clothing

Ruched tops and dresses are having their moment this year. This stretchy, easy to carry, and the uber-stylish trend is a rage among Gen Z consumers. From satin party dresses to everyday cotton material, you can simply get them at affordable prices.

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  1. Any Fit over Skinny Jeans

Gone are days when skinny jeans were a go-to fashion quotient. Gen Z prefers other cuts over them. To name a few- baggy, boot cut, flared, wide leg, and so on. Some of them have made a huge comeback from the 90s and early 2000s fad.

8 Wide-Leg-Pant Outfits to Try Instead of Skinny Jeans | Who What Wear

  1. Wide Belts

These days it’s all about chunky, bulky, and noticeable wide belts. This style is very popular among celebrity “airport looks.” The aforementioned accessory on a dress accentuates the whole look.

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  1. Bucket Hats

The most desired summer accessory is the bucket hat. Scroll social media and you will already find influencers decked in bucket hats. Be it be tie-dye or pastel colours, these hats scream chic to Gen Z.

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  1. Baguette or Shoulder bags

Many of the early 2000s trends have come home in a big way. One such thing is the micro-mini purses popularly known as Baguette or shoulder bags. They are composed of a small trap and are slightly rounded.

The 20 Best Shoulder Bags and How to Style Them | Who What Wear

  1. Cropped cardigans

Earlier cropped cardigans were just a useful layering option and now they have become a crazed piece in itself. Well, they have been augmented into chunkier knits, fresh patterns, rolled up sleeves, and whatnot. And this is the reason why they are favourite amongst the fashion cool girls during the entire fall.

The 18 Best Cropped Cardigans That Are So On-Trend | Who What Wear

  1. Tank Tops/ Corsets over shirts

White shirts meet tank tops or corset belts. It is breaking the internet. The waist-cinching corsets can give pretty definition if you’re wearing something that’s a little loose.

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  1. Basketball sneakers

Step up your shoe game with basketball-inspired sneakers. Gen Z is known for experimenting in the streetwear sphere. And this is just the right piece for them. They are putting their fashion feet forward with these A-listers.

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No longer fuss over achieving trendy looks, we got you covered.


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