8 ways to keep up the spirit in the lockdown

Over the last year, the world has ridden a few waves of coronavirus. Lately, India has been riding along. The ongoing second wave has again compelled people to remain masked and locked again.

As each one of us is impacted by the current situation (lockdown 2.0), it has become necessary as ever to stay hale and hearty.

To keep up the spirit and stay mindful, well, and creative in the lockdown, here is a short list of recommendations:

  1. Look up to Motivating social media accounts

Fill your Instagram feed or Snapchat stories with a lot of positivity. It is better to limit all the bad news.

Follow those accounts that are inspiring in one way or other. Or churning out some feel-good or light-hearted content. Not everything is gloom and doom in the lockdown.

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  1. Your body is a Temple

Get up! And sweat it out. Enough whining about how much you procrastinate your workout and preparing a routine for yourself. Physical activities are a great way to deal with negative emotions.

Try dancing, yoga, meditation, cardio, weight lifting. You name it and the tutorials are available on YouTube and other apps.

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  1. Don’t miss out on Affirmations and Gratefulness

The world may be topsy-turvy, but hey you have a roof over your head. When you wake up every morning, think of at least 5 things you are grateful for your family, friends, food, shelter, health, etc. Positive breeds out positive. It is that simple.

A great coping mechanism is affirmations. If you start believing and practising them, then you can harness an optimistic outcome.

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  1. Learn with Pleasure

Get into that painting (online) class you always wanted to. Or learn a new language. Or try your hands on some delicious recipes. Since you got spare time, invest in learning new things.

Whatever the situation you are in, it’s important to reset and recover.

English Online courses | British Council

  1. Pick up a new hobby

Make the most out of your extra time by picking up a new hobby or resuming the old ones. You might have a bookshelf filled with an abundance of knowledge but had barely time to read them. So, dust your bookshelf and get back to it now.

Or you can start discovering new recreational activities- cooking, gardening, drawing, designing, etc.

speaking Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt online

  1. Grab your pen and start Journaling

The practice of clearing your head on paper is so relaxing. It will definitely help you to improve your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours.

Researchers believe that developing a narrative about your experiences can aid in tracking your mood, strengths, challenges, and compassion. Ultimately overcoming trauma and negative feelings.

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  1. Netflix Party is here to save your day

Miss watching out movies in theatres with your group? Well, the experience of recliners cannot be recreated but yes you can enjoy movies with your friends.

Switch to Netflix party and stream content together (from a safer distance).

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  1. Stay connected

Social distancing does not mean staying in isolation as a whole. Kudos to the technology that we can survive this together. Reach out to your friends and family in these trying times. Play games, stream content, chat online, attend virtual concerts, and so on.

Stay connected, get inspired, and help each other.

Stay Home, Stay Connected. Stay Home, Stay Connected | by Nikhil Insulkar |  Searce

Stop feeling blue and create your own physical and mental freedom in this lockdown.

I have personally sought refugees in books. Do let me know which method works for you.

Keep up the damm spirit.




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