Bored with your simple plain nails? Have a party to attend but have to go without boring old nails? Wanna add a touch of glamour to your looks? Wanna grab all the attention yourself? Ever thought you could decorate your nails? Ever thought about ditching your easy traditional way of nail paint and modernizing your nails a bit? It’s an easy job though. Nail arts can be super fun if done with equal zeal and patience. Nail art is not just sticking to your old plain nail polish coats but adding whatever you feel like. Giving your nails any shape you like, any color, drawing, or even 3D gems. You can add various fun elements to them. You could various colors, combine various methods, and end up with gorgeous-looking nails. Choosing a simple color can be very difficult, so, here’s a trick to increase the color variants on your nails and make them look professionally done. Well, you can pretty much use anything to do nail art. But ever thought about using a sponge? YES, a sponge!

Here is how you can add a dash of glamour to your nails by using a sponge,

Glamour’s Sponge Nail Art Steps Are:-

  • Clean your nails and file them. Give them a shape that you desire.
  • Then apply a coat of white nail polish or any light shade nail polish to them.
  • Now apply generous coats of the shades you want to be there on your nails in a horizontal manner on the sponge.
  • Dab the sponge on the nails until you get a completely merged look.
  • Keep on applying colors until you get a look you are satisfied with.
  • Finish your nails with a top coat.

Try these and comment down below your favorite look.

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