Know your Perfumes! A Guide to 5 different categories of Scents

Perfumes Guide different categories Scents

Hello guys!! It’s a lovely Sunday morning. Many will appreciate this morning in their habitat but for those who are planning to go out, Which fragrance will you wear today? Fragrances!! Do they matter? Of course yes!! Don’t you think scents reflect who you are??? They are a part of our daily lives which depict our mood and personality. Honestly, I have a huge collection of Perfumes cluttering on my dresser and its always confusion to find the right one. Do u also find yourself in a similar situation? Well, all you need to do is change the game by categorizing your scents on the basis of what to your and when. This article will help you with this task.

  1. Say Something through Florals

  • Are you like a night blooming Jasmine or morning person as fresh as a daisy? Florals blend scents of various flowers. Those sweet and pleasant smelling aromas of roses, lilies etc. add a feminine touch to your personality. Best for the woman of all ages.
  • When to wear: Wear florals on work as they are more subtle. Also can be done on weddings, lunch dates or baby showers.
  • A floral family includes perfumes such as VERSACE’s Yellow Diamond, MARC JACOBS’s Daisy Love, DIOR’s Joy by Dior etc.
  1. New Favorite to wear Citrus

  • We often cherry-pick the zesty aroma of citrus fruits to add a classic appeal to our personality. Strong notes of grapefruit or even the lighter notes of vanilla produce energetic and lively vibes. The dazzling perfumes inspired by the smells of sweet orange, key lime, sheer musk sums to the citrus family. Commonly used as unisex fragrances.
  • When to Wear: Put it on for work and get praises. Also can be wear on daytime occasions, brunch dates and casual meetups.
  • Sparkling citrus notes can be found in CHANEL No.9 Eau Toilette, UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON United Dreams Live Free Eau De Toilette etc.
  1. Choose an oriental fragrance to arouse mystery

  • Supersensuous to flaunt, Oriental perfumes can be pretty intense. The rich fragrances of musk, amber, resins etc. radiate your charm. These perfumes are complete, seductive, mesmerizing and dramatic. A night scent holds good for both men and women.
  • When to Wear: Best to apply when the sun goes down. Usually worn at night with a party dress or a statement piece.
  • Heavy, Strong and long-lasting perfume includes PRADA’s Candy by Prada, Chanel’s Egoiste etc.
  1. Give an Earthly effect by wearing Green Fragrances

  • The natural smell of fresh, leafy and vegetal notes soothes your mood. Green character of the scents fills a pretty without being overpowering aroma in the room. They most likely catch your attention before any others and appear more of a breath of fresh air.
  • When to Wear: The green fragrances are best to wear on Sporty events or on an outdoor gathering. Idol for those lazy days around the house or in the backyard.
  • The refreshing fragrance includes CHANEL no.19, Calyx by CLINIQUE etc.
  1. Smell as fresh as a breeze using Oceanic Perfumes

  • Aquatic perfumes are more sort of Day perfumes. The vibrant notes will make you experience the natural aromas of mountain air or ocean spray breeze or beachy waves. They also come as body lotions. With a masculine blend, they are great for Men.
  • When to Wear:  Great for vacations. Also appropriate for Job interviews.
  • The delicious scent includes ELIZABETH ARDEN’s Sunflowers, Beach Fragrances by MONTAUK etc.

Say BYE-BYE to the old dictum of buying ‘one good perfume’ and wear a variety of perfumes on different occasions.

Comment down below which is your favourite aroma.

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