5 Styling Tips for pulling off a Monochromatic Outfit

With a nip in the air, we would all want to stay warm yet voguish. But in cold, pulling together an outfit has never been easier. We have to find more and more options to slay at our layering game. The struggle is real. But don’t you worry ladies, I have an answer to all your styling woes and it rests with the monochromatic dressing.
Wearing head to toe a single colour may sound boring, but trust me, it can make you look chic and polish. So here are 5 styling tips to pull off a monochromatic outfit.

1. No “Exact Same Shade” Rule
Dressing in monochromes does not necessarily mean that you have to wear exact same shades of a colour. This style usually wants you to experiment with different shades and tints of the same colour. For instance, if you are going for a blush pink, then maybe you can pair it with other tints of pink like rose, peach, etc.

2. Choosing the Right Colour
If you are a fresher in this fashion game, then you must be wondering what to choose from. Begin with neutral ensembles. A new season brings with its new set of colours. And this winters, it is definitely the neutrals. Beige, ivory, cream, and many more. If you don’t wanna go down to that road then simply pick a colour that looks good against your skin tone.

3. Playing with Patterns
Try your hands on prints and patterns to separate the solid blocks of colours. Throw on some patterns that match up the colour that you are wearing. If not a piece of garment, then it could be some accessory like a scarf, etc.

4. Strike Balance
To create one seamless line from head to toe, always aim to achieve balance in your look. You don’t want one shade to overpower others. Same goes with the proportions. If you are putting up loose and flowy sweater then pair it with fitted bottoms and vice versa.

5. Add Textures
Pairing multiple layers of textures one of one colour can include some visual depth and dimension to your attire. Some texture combinations you can wear out are wool and sequins; chiffon and denim; and woollens and smooth knits. You may top off a pair of leather pants with a black turtleneck and add some jewellery and boots to finish the look.

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