6 Bollywood inspired Saree Drapes to rock any occasion

As the year 2020 draws to a close, things are gradually coming back to usual. You don’t trust me when I say normal? Open your Instagram or Snapchat, and you will be surprised to see how many people are getting married this time of the year. All the pending ceremonies are finally seeing the light of the day.
And if you are invited to any of these, then you must be worried about what to wear and how to style it. Deprived of the pleasure of strolling in a market and stopping at numerous shops to buy that perfect outfit, you can reinvent your already worn clothes. Case in point: your old sarees with a little twist. What you need is a few styling tips and a handful of pins (of course to place your saree in place).
This time-honoured garment totally emits grace and elegant. Well it can never go out of style. Take some inspiration from our Bollywood Divas. When it comes to fashioning a classic piece, they never let us down. Here are some Bollywood inspired interesting ways to drape a saree.

1. Butterfly Saree Drape
Butterfly style saree drape is capable of doing magic time and time again. This modern sexy drape is easy to carry and is not too heavy. It can be an amazing pick for cocktail parties and anniversary dinners. All you need to do is wear like a regular saree and just pin up the pallu in a pleated slim column at the top.

2. Dhoti Style Saree Drape
Blend of traditional and modern, dhoti style saree drapes are great head turners. You must have seen beautiful Bollywood celebrities popularising these sarees. The piece can be worn effortlessly at the day functions.

3. Double Saree Drape
Double Saree Drape may sound a tedious affair but it is not. In fact the two-fold saree drape is unique in itself, instantly lending gravitas to your look.

4. Neck Wrap Saree Drape
Stand out in an Indian setting with your pallu around your neck. Very unconventional but a beautiful trend. It is great for a winter night party. Wear a turtle neck as a blouse and you are saved from the biting cold while looking chic.

5. Belted Style Saree Drape
If you follow Bollywood divas on Instagram, then you might love this fashion. Adding a belt to the saree will give you a contemporary look. You can go for the same colour belt or the contrasting one. With this piece, you can flaunt your waistline.

6. Twisted Pallu Saree Drape
The stellar twisted pallu saree drape will immediately grab all the eyeballs in the room. You simply need to twist the pallu like a rope plait.

Ditch the traditional and boring way to drape a saree and say hello to these interesting draping styles.

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