A Guide to Sneakers: How to Style them

Ola fashion enthusiasts! Today I will talk about a trend that is not going anywhere soon- the craze for sneakers. This one fashion piece has become the darling of the vogue universe. From runways to red carpets to sports, celebs never shy away from experimenting with sneakers.
One thing about sneakers is that they can stylishly match up with any mood. You can literally don them in your everyday life, starting with going out, completing chores, and athletic activities. In short, they are the king of the footwear industry. Trust me, the possibilities of styling them are endless. And also your toes couldn’t be happier.
If you want to stay updated with this trend, all you need to do is to browse through our sneaker guide.
1. High-Tops
High-top sneakers have this retro vibe and are popular for ages. Now they have become ever trendier. These are best for attending informal events where you can tuck your basic or graphic tees with jeans or skirts. For a semi-formal look, carry a blazer around. If you are going for a colourful pair, remember to tone it down with neutrals.

2. Vans
The iconic Vans sneakers scream cool and keep it casual to me. Team them with literally anything for a street style look. Imagine this- a t-shirt dress, a fanny bag, sunglasses, and a pair of vans. And you are good to go! To keep it warm, sweatshirts and basic denim can be jazzed up with a pair of vans. They are so versatile that they can even augment your jogger look.

3. Velcro Sneakers
Velcro sneakers may appear kiddish to some people but they can be very well styled to upbeat your (grownup) outfits. Think about their various benefits- laces free, carefree, and fuss-free. Fancy a pair of Velcro sneakers with wide-leg pants and a tee underneath a long trench coat or a long jacket.

4. Kicks
High Top sneakers have made a comeback by raising athleisure to another level. This basketball-motivated footwear is totally worth it. Put together your mini dress and high tops for a cool airy look. They can also gel up well with leather jackets or denim jackets.

5. Platform Sneakers
These voluminous looking sneakers help you appear longer than you are. The thick soul is ideally made to suit your comfort priorities. Style them with casual distressed denim and a basic tee. Or with dresses too. Simply replace your heels with platform sneakers.

6. Slip-on Sneakers
Just slide your feet in these classic sneakers to look chic every day. There is nothing more stylish than overalls paired with slip-on sneakers. Even for a work look, you can go for tailor shorts and a blazer with these classy pairs.

All right sneakerheads, it is fun styling them with literally anything to everything. They can be the real heroes of your outfits.
Invest in a good pair of sneakers.
Tada!! Bye Bye.

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