5 DIY Birthday Gift Ideas (Do It Yourself)

Hello! Today’s article is about some super easy, super quick and super cool DIY birthday gift ideas. Handmade gifts are a superb way to make your friends or dear one’s birthday more special. These gifts reveal how much you love them. Take a look below to view easy DIY birthday gift ideas.

Birthday Pun Cards

Gifting someone pun cards will surely add some spice to their gift collection. Pun cards are basically the usual cards with a twist of a comic.

For Pun Card You Need:

  • A Regular paper (simple or designer)
  • Color Pens

Instructions to Make Pun Card:

  • Firstly think of some hilarious one-liner to be written and drawn on the paper.
  • Use your creativity to pen your one-liner and draw a colorful picture along with that.

For Instance…instead of writing “Have an excellent Birthday” write “Have an Egg Cellent birthday! “and draw a cute picture.

With a little creativity, you can make your loved ones giggle on their special day.

Mason Jar Gifts

Instead of tossing old mason jars, you can remodel them into Birthday presents.

Instructions to Remodel Mason Jar:

  • You simply have to think of some articles that can be added to the jar. For instance, you can stuff your jar with cookies, candies or any other food items for your foodie friend. Or you can fill your jar with makeup articles like nail paints, lipsticks etc for your fashion freak friend.
  • The other way is that you can fill the jar with some sweet notes and words like things I love about you or any other pleasing messages.
  • After adding the goodies in the jar, decorate your jar with ribbons or any other decorating stuff. Forget not to stick a label with HAPPY BIRTHDAY written on it.

Yippy! Your Birthday Mason Jars are ready! 

Customize Notebooks

Personalize Notebooks or Journals are a cute and thoughtful birthday gift. All you need to do is a rock with some papers and washi tapes.

For Customize Notebooks You Need:

  • Paper (designer or simple)
  • Washi or duct tapes
  • Notebook or Journal

Instructions to Customize Notebooks:

  • Trace the notebook cover onto the backside of the paper. Cut the paper along the edges, apply glue to all over it and stick it on the notebook.
  • Check that the paper is smooth and if you get some extra paper, trim the edges.
  • Now get artistic with tapes. Cut in a variety of designs or simply wrap it on the cover.
  • Lastly, Use some pens for detailing and write a short and cute note on it or adorn it in your own way.

Confetti Balloons

Birthday moments are incomplete without the balloons, aren’t they? You can gift your special ones confetti balloons with some message or quote written on the balloon.

For Confetti Balloons You Need:

  • A deflated balloon
  • Confetti or some glitters
  • Funnel
  • Pens

Instructions to Make Confetti Balloons:

  • Attach the funnel into the mouth of the deflated balloon and add Confetti to it.
  • Blow up your balloon and tie a knot.
  • Add some message on the balloon using a pen.
  • Lastly, pop when it’s Right Time!

Gift Basket

A basket full of goodies and love is an exciting idea.

For Gift Basket You Need:

  • A Basket
  • Materials that can be added to basket
  • Decorative Items

Instructions to Make Gift Basket:

  • Choose a basket. You can easily find it in a nearby store. Think of some items that can be added to the baskets. You can add teddy bears, toys, books, food items, accessories etc.
  • Layer the bottom of the basket with some colorful tissues or cotton. (This step is optional.)
  • Add items to the basket and decorate it in your own way. 


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