How to use Cucumber to Gain Skin Benefits

Can’t flaunt your skin just because you have blemishes or pimples or something else? For curing your skin don’t go for the artificial products, just use some natural products to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Natural products like “Cucumber” or “Kheera” can be useful in your beauty applications.

Cucumber Skin Benefits:

  1. Most commonly cucumbers help in skin tightening and rejuvenating skin. 
  2. If you went for some holiday trip and returned as tanned then cucumbers can help you to get rid of tan. 
  3. Cooling effects of Cucumbers reduce puffiness or swelling around the eye. 
  4. Water content is high in cucumber so it can be used as a skin moisturizer. 
  5. Also, it adds the glow to the skin and closes the open pores. 
  6. Cucumbers help in reducing dark circles.

How to use this to gain Benefits:

Appreciate the fact that cucumbers can both be eaten and applied on the skin. Applying fresh cucumber or juice gives you more benefits than any of the skin creams or any product.

Some ways to use:

  1. Putting two slices of cucumber on your eyes provides you instant relief and reduces the puffiness or swelling of eyes. 
  2. You can also rub cucumber’s slices on the face or neck or any other body part and wash it after few minutes. Doing this regularly will remove your tanning. 
  3. To treat freckles and blemishes, apply cucumber slices on the face and leave it for few minutes. Then wash it. 
  4. Mix few drops of Rosewater in Cucumber juice and apply it on the skin and then wash it. It helps in brightening the skin. 
  5. You can also mix juice with other things like aloe Vera or lemon juice or honey to make a face pack to have more benefits. 
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