Exciting Recipes to Eat Green Leafy Vegetables a Whole Day

Eat Green Whole Day

Green leafy vegetables, not your thing? That’s okay!! I get it. Even I feel the same. Those low in calories and rich in vitamins, green leafs are not so delicious and appetizing.

However, Doctors’ advice to eat green leafy vegetables often to add more nutrients to your meal. Therefore, I will encourage you all to have. But before you start rolling your eyeballs at me, I tell you that I love getting some of the veggies in for my meals. You must be wondering “How”?

Well, if you despise something “green”, then you need to try these mouth-watering recipes. Why not give them another chance and eat green veggies for a whole day. Yes!! A whole (24 hours) day.

Make green leafy vegetables “Star” of the plate by trying these recipes in different meals.

  1. Green Breakfast

It is very important to eat the first meal of the day. More importantly to eat healthy breakfast. Brighten up your mornings with green veggies.

  • Smoothies are an energetic and healthy breakfast. Mix veggies like kale, spinach, etc with crushed ice and water. Add other ingredients and fruits such as bananas, dragon fruit, etc to make it more exciting.energetic healthy breakfast
  • Eggs are the staple breakfast for most of us. They are versatile and paired with different ingredients. You can add kale or spinach to open egg sandwich or make a veggie egg white scramble.egg sandwich
  1. Green Lunch

Lunch is another important meal which keeps you full throughout the afternoon.

  • Say bye-bye to boring desk salad. Have veggies mixed with cheese, hummus seasoned with oregano and other homemade dressings. You can also add chicken to it.green veggies mixed with cheese
  • A veggie loaded with sauces and mayo vegan sandwich or burger.mayo vegan sandwich burger
  • Soups are a great option too. Add veggies of your own choice to make it satisfied.veggies soups
  1. Evening Snacks

It is essential not to forget about snacking. In the hustle bustle of work, it is not possible to go longer between full meals. Therefore, healthy snacking is a must.

  • You can cut raw vegetables like broccoli, celery, etc and then steam them. Serve it with say sauce, yogurt, low-fat dips, ketchup, etc. to make it enticing.raw vegetables broccoli celery
  • Make kale chips in the oven. Bake them and sprinkle salt or pepper and enjoy the crisp.kale chips
  1. Dinner

It is necessary to satisfy the biggest appetites. Dinner should be heavy to keep you full all night long.

  • Try something delicious by adding green veggies to your rice, noodles or pasta.adding green veggies
  • BBQ is another great option. Grill different green veggies and serve them with drinks.different green veggies

With these tasty recipes, it’s a perfect head start to eat more greens in all your meals.


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