10 Exciting Ways to Eat More Vegetables

10 Exciting Ways to Eat More Vegetables

“Finish your veggies.” These words may scare you as many of us find it inconvenient to eat vegetables. While there are many who don’t know how to cook vegetables in an appetizing way.

It seems really difficult to make friends with vegetables whether green or colorful. But eating veggies is an essential part of our diet. The powerhouse of proteins, vitamins, and minerals will reap many benefits.

Do you need to eat more veggies in your diet?” But not like the taste of these cruciferous vegetables. Move one step further and love the flavor of these veggies by making them exciting and appealing. This article will teach you different ways to get yourself to eat more vegetables with a happy face.

1st Exciting Way: Drink Your Vegetables (veggies)

Drinking veggies is a simple way than consuming in other forms. Take out your blender and make delicious juices and smoothies. They can be a refreshing breakfast. Avoid drinking packed juices as they do not provide all the nutrients that you will get by drinking fresh and homemade juices and smoothies.

While carrots, beetroots, etc can become an ideal juice combination, Cucumber, kale, etc blend with fruits will give an amazing flavor.Drink Your Vegetables2nd Exciting Way: Extra Vegetables (veggies) for Salads

Snack on veggies by opting for a healthier vegetable salad. The bright and light salad is a perfect snack. You can turn your boring salad into a delicious one by a creamy dressing of olive, lemon, etc. Add seeds, sprouts, chickpeas, etc for more flavor. Extra Vegetables for Salads

3rd Exciting Way: Add Vegetables (Veggies) to Eggs

Eggs are a great protein source. With such a high nutrition value, adding vegetables can make it more powerful. Instead of eating plain eggs, add vegetables and then scramble. Season it will salt and pepper.

Frying beat eggs in oil and adding tomatoes, spinach and onions can make a tasty omelet.Add Veggies to Eggs

4th Exciting Way: Serve Veggies in Soups

Soups are a healthy starter. You can mix different vegetables and prepare a fresh soup that you will provide health benefits. It is very simple to cook vegetables into a cream or broth-based soups.

Some of the soup recipes are Broccoli-spinach, tomato, carrot,  pumpkin-kale, etc. You can even add chicken or egg to switch up your soup.Serve Veggies in Soups

5th Exciting Way: Stuff Veggies into Sandwiches

An easy to go lunch option for schools, colleges or workplaces, sandwiches are time-saving and versatile to make. Cut carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and toss them between bread slices. Challenge yourself to make newer combinations and enjoy your veggies focussed sandwich.Stuff Veggies into Sandwiches

6th Exciting Way: Experiment with the Pizza Crust Veggies

Replace the traditional flour-based pizza crust with a vegetable crust to enjoy its benefits. Low in calories, nutrients based and healthy crust is super easy to make. All you need to do is cut the vegetables, mix them and bake.

The crust can range from sweet potato to cauliflower and add extra veggies and cheese to savor the flavor.Experiment with the Pizza Crust Veggies

7th Exciting Way: Grill those Veggies

Barbeque with friends on a pleasant evening will cheer your mood. Why not serve extra veggies this time? Get creative with BBQ sweet potatoes, mushroom, capsicum and serve them with drinks. Even you can make a grilled version of Caesar salad to make it crispy and toasty.Grill those Veggies

8th Exciting Way: The forkful of Veggies Noodles

Noodles sound great when it comes to the party. Add more veggies next time like carrots, beans, lettuce, capsicum, etc to fulfill your vegetable portion.

This also goes with Pasta, Pesto, and Spaghetti.The forkful of Veggies Noodles

9th Exciting Way: Try Veggies With Sauces

Sauces add a magical and flavor-boosting touch to dishes. Mouth-watering tomato sauce is a traditional one. Try making sauces at home with different vegetables. Green onion is my favorite one. Carrots, onions, basil, etc can work well too.Try Vegetables With Sauces

10th Exciting Way: Bake Veggies until Crispy

Another best and no-fail way to eat more veggies is to bake them. Simply bake them in an oven or roast them in the Air fryer (much more healthy) to enjoy the crisper flavor. All sorts of vegetables will work- potato, mushroom, broccoli, brinjal, etc.

Therefore, it’s absolutely easy to enjoy the best of both worlds ( taste and health). I hope this article will find you helpful to sneak in veggies to your meal to make it appetizing and healthy.

Bake Vegetables until Crispy


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