Fat Fighting Strategy–Eat ORANGES !!!

What will you do if you don’t fit in your old dresses? You will surely work out and follow a weight loss diet. But in this busy life, there is no time to do exercise. Now you are left up with your diet. Your weight losing diet often forces you to eat the things whose taste you don’t like. Now, what will you do? This is really tough for the food lovers. And if I say that a tasty and sweet fruit perfectly fits in your fat reducing diet. How do you feel? You will obviously feel so good. Fill your diet with fresh Oranges. If you feel a hungry between your two meals and had to avoid sugar at all cost, then eating oranges is the best way to satisfy your hunger.

Now you will ask me how do oranges fit in your diet?

The simple answer is that they are low in calories and high in dietary fiber. Eating fiber leads to Weight loss. They are also rich in water content and increased consumption of water help in losing weight.

Not only oranges aids in weight loss but it has some other health benefits also such as-

  1. Oranges are the good source of Vitamin C, which is good for eyes, skin, and health. 
  2. Oranges can improve the functioning of the digestive system.
  3. They are good for many other health issues.
  4. They can increase the iron content.
  5. Orange can prevent dehydration.

Most of you think to drink the cool orange juice to quench your thirst but eating the fresh orange is much healthier than drinking orange juice as the juice contains less or no fiber content and high sugar. So it is advice to eat fresh oranges rather than drinking orange juice. So at last, oranges and also other fruits should be a part of your fat-fighting diet.

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