Hollywood and Bollywood

Both Bollywood and Hollywood Divas are very particular about their fashion. But once in a while, these divas of both the world seem to be wearing some same outfits.

It doesn’t matter who copies whom? What really matters is “Who nailed it better? Bollywood or Hollywood”

Below article will give you the right comparison between the beauties of both the world.

Here we go!!!

1. Sonam vs Kelly

Sonam Kapoor vs Kelly Brooks

Sonam Kapoor vs Kelly Brooks

Both the beautiful ladies Sonam Kapoor and Kelly Brooks were spotted wearing the same outfit in their respective events. Both wore an onion print dress. While, Sonam had done a hair updo and carried a red handbag, Kelly was much simple in her loose curls. Both were wearing peach color sandals.

In my opinion, Kelly Brook nailed it better because of her chic look.

2. Kareena vs Kim

Kareena Kapoor vs. Kim Kardashian

Kareena Kapoor vs. Kim Kardashian

Jaw dropping beauties Kareena Kapoor and Kim Kardashian were seen in long sleeved black outfit with a golden belt in the launch of the book “The Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva” and “Fashion Night Out” respectively.  Kareena looked bold in red lips while Kim opted for nude lips and smoky eyes. Well, both were wearing black heels.

The Bold and Beautiful look of Kareena took my heart away. So, this time, Kareena Kapoor nailed it better.

3. Anushka vs Macarena

Anushka Sharma vs Macarena Garcia
Anushka Sharma vs Macarena Garcia

Both the divas Anushka Sharma and Macarena Garcia flaunt their beauty with simple classy white gown. While Anushka was seen wearing no accessories, Macarena gave a little touch by carrying a clutch. This outfit worked on both the ladies.

Anushka Sharma’s simple hairstyle added glam to the outfit. So, Anushka Sharma nailed it better.

4. Ileana vs Olga

Ileana D’cruz vs. Olga kurylenko

Ileana D’cruz vs. Olga kurylenko

Ileana D’cruz and Olga Kurylenko were seen wearing a simple strapless striped gown having colors Black, grey and dirty white. Ileana paired her outfit with black earrings while Olga paired her outfit with golden earrings.

Yet, both look stunning, but Olga’s pink lip adds color to the outfit. So, Olga Kurylenko nailed it better.

5. Deepika vs Julie

Deepika Padukone vs. Julie Marie

Deepika Padukone vs. Julie Marie

The Red lace gown worn by both Deepika Padukone and Julie Marie was so chic itself that both rocked in their outfits. Despite of Julie’s hair bun, Deepika looked a little more gorgeous in her hairdo. In addition to, Julie carried a clutch while Deepika was seen bare hands.

For me, Deepika Padukone looked more styled. So, Deepika Padukone nailed it better.

6. Sonam vs Kristen

Sonam Kapoor vs Kristen Stewart

Sonam Kapoor vs Kristen Stewart

A Black gown was worn by both Sonam Kapoor and Kristen Stewart in different events. Sonam did not have a complicated hairstyle while Kristen pulled her hair back. Kristen opted for smoky eyes while Sonam stayed simple. Also, Sonam carried a black clutch.

Sonam’s simple glam look didn’t work on me. I will praise Kristen Stewart for her dressing sense. This time, Kristen Stewart nailed it better.

7. Alia vs Jennifer

Who Nailed It Better? Bollywood or Hollywood

Alia Bhatt vs Jennifer Lopez

Alia Bhatt and Jennifer Lopez were spotted wearing a white upper and orange skirt with cap sleeves on “Vogue Awards” and “Wall of Fame” respectively. Alia pulled her hair curls to one  side while Jennifer tied a hair bun. Alia paired her outfit with golden heels while Jennifer wore black heels.

It is really hard to pick one. But I think Jennifer looked a little sassier. So Jennifer Lopez nailed it better.

8. Priyanka vs Naomi

Priyanka Chopra vs Naomi Harris

Priyanka Chopra vs Naomi Harris

The beautiful ladies Priyanka Chopra and Naomi Harris both wore a black strapless gown with gold beaded peplum. Both were looking elegant in their respective hairstyle and makeup.

But I think the edgy outfit falls better on Priyanka’s body. This time, Priyanka Chopra nailed it better.

9. Kangana vs Emma

Kangana Ranaut vs Emma Stone

Kangana Ranaut vs Emma Stone

Gorgeous divas Kangana Ranaut and Emma Stone were spotted wearing a green pencil skirt with dark blue bustier. Kangana opted for a bun with red lips while Emma didn’t opted for any hairstyle and remained simple. In addition to, they both paired their outfits with black heels.

Emma Stone’s simple glam look won this Style Stake. So, Emma Stone nailed it better.

10. Deepika vs Ashley

Deepika Padukone vs. Ashley Benson

Deepika Padukone vs. Ashley Benson

The Magnificent ladies Deepika Padukone and Ashley Benson were spotted wearing an off shoulder gown consisting of black upper and golden high waist skirt. Deepika carried a black clutch and wore a hand bracelet while Ashley was devoid of any accessories.  Both were looking fabulous in their respective hairstyles.

But the gown suited better on Deepika Padukone’s body. So, Deepika Padukone nailed it better.

Thumbs Up to both the beautiful Divas of Bollywood and Hollywood. These ladies really rocked well.

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