5 One Minute Hairstyle That Will Make You Look Gorgeous

Hair styling can be very tedious and time consuming task. Especially when you are running out of time and there’s a lot of pressure on you for looking good. So, here are 5 One Minute Hairstyles that will make you look good and fetch you tones of compliments.

One Minute hairstyles


The most special thing about this hairstyle is that you do not need to be careful while doing it. Also, you do not need to do it neatly because it’s supposed to look messy. Bend your head forward and brush your hair. Gather all your hair in a ponytail at the top of your head. Start twisting them and bring them to your head. Tie them with a band and it’s done! If you like take a few strands of hair from your forehead to make it messier.  To add more grace to this hairstyle you can wear a choker with it.


Yet another simple but classy hairstyle is half tied hair. The biggest boon of this hairstyle is that it looks good on any face cut and can be done with both casual and formal wear.  To do this, comb your hair properly with a brush. Section the front portion of your hair and tie them in a ponytail and that’s it! You may curl the open hair with a curling iron to make it even more elegant.


Braiding can be combined with anything and can be worn with any outfit. To do this parts your hair either in the center or sideways to your liking. Start braiding from the partition to the part behind your ears. Secure it with a few bobby pins. You may braid both sides of the partition or just one side.


Twisting your hair is the easiest hairstyle you’ll ever do. It also adds bounce to your hair. Start with parting your hair in the center or on the side. Take few strand of your hair and twist them towards the back of your head, then add a few more strands of hair and twist them. Keep on doing this until you are satisfied with your look. Secure the ends with bobby pins and you are good to go!


This chic hairstyle will make you feel on top of the world. Bend your head down and brush your hair. Start making a French braid from the bottom of your head till the top. Twist your hair into a bun a tie it. Add hair accessories to make it more attractive.

These hairstyles can come very handy and are super easy to do! You can mix and match these hairstyles to create new hairstyles. You can also make these hairstyles even more graceful by adding accessories!

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