Patch your jeans

You would often find some trouble in keeping up the pile of unmatched socks. On the other hand, you would also find trouble with the small holes which later turn into bigger holes in your favorite old jeans. For solving these problems, you may either give the socks or jeans to someone or throw them. Let’s find a third way to solve both these problems.

Patch your jeans

Here I will help you in twin aspects, firstly I will tell you what to do with the unmatched or lonely socks and secondly how to repair your old jean’s hole.

To start with, you need to know that there are two kinds of patching – Outer patching and under patching.

For Outer Patching (over the hole patch) you need these tools

For Outer Patching (over the hole patch) you need these tools:

  • Needle
  • Thread
  • A Stitching Machine
  • A Sock

Here are Steps to Patch Your Jeans

  • Take a sock and cut a pretty large piece from it to make a patch.
  • Place the patch over the hole and then stitch it with the help of a needle and thread. You can even make some patterns using stitching.
  • Lastly, iron over the patch.

Outer patching will help to make your old jeans look attractive. You can even cut cute patterns from the socks to use it as a patch like heart, a cartoon character, a shape etc.

For Under the Hole Patching you need these tools

  • A Fabric Glue
  • A Sock

Here are Steps to Patch Your Jeans

  • Cut the patch of exactly the same size out of the sock.
  • Turn the jeans inside out and then apply glue to the edges of the patch. (Do not apply the glue to the area that is going to be visible).
  • Press the patch and iron over the patch.

Here are Steps to Patch Your Jeans

This is very really simple for those who don’t know the stitching work.

To make your rugged jeans cool, under the hole patching is the best.

So, with a little pinch of craftiness, you can turn your old jeans into a stylish one with some old fabrics.



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