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5 ways to say No without being rude


One of your school friends has just asked you to go out for dinner on Saturday night after work. But you’re already exhausted after a long week and want to go home and have an early night. Thinking that your friend will feel dejected, you agreed to the plan.

Ugh! Isn’t it a struggle to utter out two simple letters- NO?

A lot of people say yes to things in the mere guilt. Maybe the other person will feel bad or hurt. Well, well, well, do not consider yourself a sage. Always remaining affirmative to others is not healthy.

Polite Ways to Say No!

But saying no does not necessarily make you the villain of the story. Like a comet with a long tail, it had a vivid afterlife too. Your conscience can prick you for piercing through someone’s heart. And thus, it becomes easier to say yes. What if I tell you that you can use the “no” word without hurting someone?

Intrigued? Read on for ways to say “no” without being rude:

  1. Check your schedule

It is best to say that you need to look over your schedule. I know it sounds a little too format but it is the perfect approach. Because you are not idle and you have tons of things to do (even if it involves doing nothing and laying around your sofa).

How to Schedule Tweets: Tips & Best Practices - ShareThis

For instance:

Your friend: “Would you like to go out?”

You: “It sounds fun. I’ll check my calendar and let you know.”

You (follow up): “Hi, thank you for the offer. I’ve checked my schedule and unfortunately, I can’t make it. Maybe next time.”


  1. Don’t be brutal

The word “no” does equate to decline but not rejection. One at the receiving end should not feel like you are rejecting him/her and not the plan.

How to Say NO! 2 Leadership Techniques to be More Assertive

Your friend: “Would you like to go out?”

You: “Sorry, I can’t.”

In this way, you are letting them down and they’ll never forgive you for it.


  1. Justify your reason

People are less offended in this way. Give them a simple explanation as why can’t you make plans with them.

Busy, busy, busy! - www.spaciousbreath.com

Following examples could save you from such situations:

“I wish I could, but right now I need to focus on my health.”

“That would be great, but I’m already working on a project.”

Sorry, I can’t. I am focusing on my entrance competition these days.”


  1. Give a statement of regret

Politely decline to avoid the feeling of run-down. Be sympathetic while taking a firm stance. You need to show the other person how sorry you are.

Sorry Not Sorry. Managing your insecurity and imposter… | by Dan Brown | Modus

Sorry, I can’t. I am focusing on my entrance competition these days.


  1. Provide an Alternative

This only works when you want to hang out with the person but some other time. There are times when you don’t want to decline the offer because of proximity with the person. The perfect approach is to propose an alternative.

Alternative plan ⬇ Stock Photo, Image by © kikkerdirk #58737095

Your friend: “Can you help me with this project?”

You: “I am sorry. I’ve got lots to do myself, but I can solve your queries on phone.”

Remember, to keep the alternative practical, otherwise, it fails the point.


Get over your constant tug of war between “yes” or “no”. And start drawing clear boundaries in your life.


8 Gen Z Trends that you should know about


This is a weird thing about fashion trends. In the beginning, we cringe and deny them (at least some of them), but after looking at them over and over again at our favourite influencers or celebrities, we tend to admire them. And those styles managed to make their place in our closet in absolutely no time.

When you dust the year for Gen Z fashion’s stand out moments, you will find plenty of pieces and trends.

Click through for top fashion trends that are being led by Gen Z:

  1. Ruched Clothing

Ruched tops and dresses are having their moment this year. This stretchy, easy to carry, and the uber-stylish trend is a rage among Gen Z consumers. From satin party dresses to everyday cotton material, you can simply get them at affordable prices.

Neon Lime Ruched Front Strappy Bodycon Dress | Bodycon dress, Neon dresses,  Women dress online

  1. Any Fit over Skinny Jeans

Gone are days when skinny jeans were a go-to fashion quotient. Gen Z prefers other cuts over them. To name a few- baggy, boot cut, flared, wide leg, and so on. Some of them have made a huge comeback from the 90s and early 2000s fad.

8 Wide-Leg-Pant Outfits to Try Instead of Skinny Jeans | Who What Wear

  1. Wide Belts

These days it’s all about chunky, bulky, and noticeable wide belts. This style is very popular among celebrity “airport looks.” The aforementioned accessory on a dress accentuates the whole look.

Retro Wide Square Dress Waist Belt with Tassel Party Belts and Headbands  Fabric Girls Women's String Belt Women Belt | Wish

  1. Bucket Hats

The most desired summer accessory is the bucket hat. Scroll social media and you will already find influencers decked in bucket hats. Be it be tie-dye or pastel colours, these hats scream chic to Gen Z.

Buy BLACK BUCKET HAT for Women Online in India

  1. Baguette or Shoulder bags

Many of the early 2000s trends have come home in a big way. One such thing is the micro-mini purses popularly known as Baguette or shoulder bags. They are composed of a small trap and are slightly rounded.

The 20 Best Shoulder Bags and How to Style Them | Who What Wear

  1. Cropped cardigans

Earlier cropped cardigans were just a useful layering option and now they have become a crazed piece in itself. Well, they have been augmented into chunkier knits, fresh patterns, rolled up sleeves, and whatnot. And this is the reason why they are favourite amongst the fashion cool girls during the entire fall.

The 18 Best Cropped Cardigans That Are So On-Trend | Who What Wear

  1. Tank Tops/ Corsets over shirts

White shirts meet tank tops or corset belts. It is breaking the internet. The waist-cinching corsets can give pretty definition if you’re wearing something that’s a little loose.

TheyAllHateUs | Fashion, Style, Street style

  1. Basketball sneakers

Step up your shoe game with basketball-inspired sneakers. Gen Z is known for experimenting in the streetwear sphere. And this is just the right piece for them. They are putting their fashion feet forward with these A-listers.

2020 Autumn Shoes children sneakers Girls Kids Sport Shoes For Girls  Shining Fashion Casual Child Shoes Girl chaussure enfant|Sneakers| -  AliExpress

No longer fuss over achieving trendy looks, we got you covered.


Know your Perfumes! A Guide to 5 different categories of Scents


Hello guys!! It’s a lovely Sunday morning. Many will appreciate this morning in their habitat but for those who are planning to go out, Which fragrance will you wear today? Fragrances!! Do they matter? Of course yes!! Don’t you think scents reflect who you are??? They are a part of our daily lives which depict our mood and personality. Honestly, I have a huge collection of Perfumes cluttering on my dresser and its always confusion to find the right one. Do u also find yourself in a similar situation? Well, all you need to do is change the game by categorizing your scents on the basis of what to your and when. This article will help you with this task.

  1. Say Something through Florals

  • Are you like a night blooming Jasmine or morning person as fresh as a daisy? Florals blend scents of various flowers. Those sweet and pleasant smelling aromas of roses, lilies etc. add a feminine touch to your personality. Best for the woman of all ages.
  • When to wear: Wear florals on work as they are more subtle. Also can be done on weddings, lunch dates or baby showers.
  • A floral family includes perfumes such as VERSACE’s Yellow Diamond, MARC JACOBS’s Daisy Love, DIOR’s Joy by Dior etc.
  1. New Favorite to wear Citrus

  • We often cherry-pick the zesty aroma of citrus fruits to add a classic appeal to our personality. Strong notes of grapefruit or even the lighter notes of vanilla produce energetic and lively vibes. The dazzling perfumes inspired by the smells of sweet orange, key lime, sheer musk sums to the citrus family. Commonly used as unisex fragrances.
  • When to Wear: Put it on for work and get praises. Also can be wear on daytime occasions, brunch dates and casual meetups.
  • Sparkling citrus notes can be found in CHANEL No.9 Eau Toilette, UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON United Dreams Live Free Eau De Toilette etc.
  1. Choose an oriental fragrance to arouse mystery

  • Supersensuous to flaunt, Oriental perfumes can be pretty intense. The rich fragrances of musk, amber, resins etc. radiate your charm. These perfumes are complete, seductive, mesmerizing and dramatic. A night scent holds good for both men and women.
  • When to Wear: Best to apply when the sun goes down. Usually worn at night with a party dress or a statement piece.
  • Heavy, Strong and long-lasting perfume includes PRADA’s Candy by Prada, Chanel’s Egoiste etc.
  1. Give an Earthly effect by wearing Green Fragrances

  • The natural smell of fresh, leafy and vegetal notes soothes your mood. Green character of the scents fills a pretty without being overpowering aroma in the room. They most likely catch your attention before any others and appear more of a breath of fresh air.
  • When to Wear: The green fragrances are best to wear on Sporty events or on an outdoor gathering. Idol for those lazy days around the house or in the backyard.
  • The refreshing fragrance includes CHANEL no.19, Calyx by CLINIQUE etc.
  1. Smell as fresh as a breeze using Oceanic Perfumes

  • Aquatic perfumes are more sort of Day perfumes. The vibrant notes will make you experience the natural aromas of mountain air or ocean spray breeze or beachy waves. They also come as body lotions. With a masculine blend, they are great for Men.
  • When to Wear:  Great for vacations. Also appropriate for Job interviews.
  • The delicious scent includes ELIZABETH ARDEN’s Sunflowers, Beach Fragrances by MONTAUK etc.

Say BYE-BYE to the old dictum of buying ‘one good perfume’ and wear a variety of perfumes on different occasions.

Comment down below which is your favourite aroma.

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For more information about perfume:


Top 34 Surprising Life Hacks of Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly is a translucent paste that is a necessity of every household. It can be used as a substitute for various other products. It has powers to cure various things and ease down several others. It can also help in some household work.

Here I Present Top 34 Uses and Beauty Benefits

  1. Efficient Makeup Remover: finished with your makeup remover? Just dab a bit of jelly on a cotton bud and wipe of the eye and lips makeup without any efforts. 
  2. Cure Dryness: dryness can be tough to cure. If no other products cure it petroleum jelly will definitely. Just apply generous amounts on your hands and rub.
  3. Gloss Your Lips: add natural shine to your lips by applying the jelly. Mix a bit of an eye shadow or blush to give a hint of colour. You can use this to create your own lip shades. 
  4. Highlight Cheekbone: want cheekbones like a model but don’t know how? Just apply a bit of jelly with your fingertips on your cheekbones and it will work. 
  5. Remove Lipstick Stains: as it is a petroleum product it can efficiently remove stains. Before throwing out lipstick-stained clothes try removing it with petroleum jelly. 
  6. Improve Your Fragrance: going out for a long day and want to keep that expensive scent for long? Apply little amounts of jelly and spray. It will definitely last longer. 
  7. Make Your Eyebrows Look Perfect: keep your eyebrows look intact by applying jelly on a cotton bud or mascara wand and rub on your eyebrows.
  8. Substitute for Mascara: if your mascara dries out, do not worry. Take a bit of jelly on your mascara wands and use as usual. It will give you thicker and heavier lashes. 
  9. Use to Get an Even Tan: before using tanning products apply generous amounts of jelly so that the tan comes out even this is done because the dry skin tends to absorb more tanning lotion.
  10. Protection from Hair Dye: if you are colouring your hair, applying jelly on your scalp and it can protect your skin from being coloured and damaged.
  11. Remove Rings: if your ring is stuck on your finger, grease your finger with jelly and it will slip out easily. 
  12. Perfect Nails: just before doing your nails, apply jelly on the surrounding area so that the nail polish does not come on the fingers. 
  13. Extend Your Lotion’s Usage: if your lotion is finishing add a bit of petroleum jelly to it to increase its content and can be used as before. 
  14. Soften Dry Areas: if you have really dry hands, ankles, elbows or any other body part just apply huge amounts of jelly to it before going to bed. It will soften them. 
  15. Give a Natural Manicure and Pedicure: soak your hands and feet in the water and clean them with scrub. After drying them, apply jelly to give them shine and moisture just like in a chemical manicure or pedicure. 
  16. Seal Split Ends: when you are between trims, try concealing your split ends with petroleum jelly. They are very effective. 
  17. Control Frizz: applying petroleum jelly on your hair can control the frizz and smooth flyaways. They can remove dryness from your hair too. 
  18. Intensify Eye Shadow: to give your eyes a heavier colour, mix your eye shadow with petroleum jelly to make a paste and then apply. This way it looks bolder. 
  19. Use as an Exploiter: mix petroleum jelly with brown sugar to make a scrub. Apply this on the skin and rub it to exfoliate the skin. 
  20. Secure Nail Paints: if your nail polish bottle is stuck and gets messy often apply petroleum jelly to it so that it closes and opens easily. 
  21. Prevent Rashes: if your skin tends to develop rashes from certain clothing or if it is a mosquito bite, applying jelly can soothe it. Use it in the case of diaper rash. 
  22. Prevent Shampoo in Eyes: if you tend to get shampoo in your eyes or that of your baby apply petroleum jelly on eyebrows. It makes a protective cover for your eyes. 
  23. Makeup Maker 1: if you are running out of makeup or need new shades of eye shadow and lip gloss, you can mix it with food colouring and apply it on your skin. 
  24. Maker 2: you can also make lip gloss by mixing a melted crayon with petroleum jelly and pouring it into a palette. Use it when settled and dried. 
  25. Maker 3: want to renew a spoilt lipstick? Melt the lipstick and mix it with petroleum jelly to recreate your favourite lip shade. 
  26. Removing Wax from Candle Sticks: candles, when burnt, can leave wax all over the place and leave stains. Rub it off with petroleum jelly.
  27. Remove Stains: did something leave the stain on the wood? Clean it with petroleum jelly. 
  28. Renew Leather: are your leather shoes losing their shine? Dab a generous amount of petroleum jelly and rub it. 
  29. Cut on Moisturizer: does your leather jacket require heavy maintenance? Chuck chemical moisturizers and shift to petroleum jelly. 
  30. Remove Watermarks: did the glasses leave a stain on the table? Get it out by petroleum jelly easily. 
  31. Chewing Gum Problems: have chewing gum stuck somewhere? Guess what? Petroleum jelly can get that out too. 
  32. Relief from Dying Car Batteries: when the temperatures get low, the electrical resistance increase and oil thicken causing the battery to die. Before the temperatures drop, remove the wires and grease them with jelly to help prevent corrosion of the battery. 
  33. Keep Cat Food Free From Ants: if ants tend to enter your cat’s food apply huge amounts of petroleum jelly around it restricting the ant’s entry. 
  34. Soften Baseball Mitt: got a new baseball mitt that is still stiff? Grease it with petroleum jelly. 

It is widely available and has several uses! Hope these simple tricks help you in your daily life!

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Multani Mitti: Benefits and Face Packs for Glowing Natural Skin


Remember the time when our granny used to encourage us to stay connected to the roots and live naturally. I think they were referring to various natural ingredients to embrace our lives and also our skin. One such element on their mind would be the Fuller Earth aka Multani Mitti.
Multani Mitti has been utilised as a classic desi home remedy for skin woes in our households since ages. As effective as a panacea, Multani Mitti will help you in achieving radiant and fresh skin.
Here are some benefits of applying Multani Mitti on skin:

1. Exfoliates
It holds true that granulated scrub removes dead skin cells assembled at the top layer of your skin. But only when rubbed tenderly on the face. With Multani mitti, the job is even easier. You just have to apply it, leave it, and take some rest. Wash after 15 min to take off the dirt from your face.

2. Cooling Effect
Multani mitti has magical qualities to calm your skin. You can put it on in different cases such as rashes, skin tan, sunburn, inflammation, dry out red areas, and insect bites.

3. Removes Excess Oil
For your annoying oily skin, Multani mitti is a perfect treatment. All hail its oil-absorbing power. It can actually soak up impurities, oil, and sweat from clogged pores, leaving behind a supernatural and glowing skin.

4. Heals scars
There is no better cure to obtain a radiant blemish-free skin than Multani mitti. Due to its exfoliation property, it can lighten the pigmented area to take away acne scars and spots.

Multani mitti face packs that you should try:

1. Rosewater and Multani mitti Face pack
The gentle rose water aids in hydrating and moisturising the skin. Take a bowl and combine Multani mitti, rose water, and water to form a paste. Spread it on your skin and wash after 20 minutes.

2. Turmeric and Multani Mitti Face Pack
Turmeric has great antioxidant and antibacterial properties that help to treat skin conditions. Mix ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder with 1 teaspoon of Multani mitti and enough water to get a paste. Apply for around 30 minutes and rinse off.

3. Honey and Multani mitti Face Pack
To avoid drying of skin, honey is used as a moisturizer. To avail its benefits with Multani mitti, simply add 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 tablespoon of Multani mitti. Apply the mixture and wash it off with lukewarm water.

4. Coconut Water and Multani Mitti Face Pack
Combined with Multani mitti, coconut water works well to reduce suntan. Besides that, it is also rich in vital vitamins that are good for the skin. Blend 2 tablespoons of coconut water and 1 tablespoon of Multani mitti. Spread it all over the face and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

5. Tomato and Multani Mitti Face Pack
The acidic nature of tomato can help decrease open pores and blackheads. It can also lighten acne scars. To gain its benefit, smash a tomato and pour its juice in a bowl. Then add 1 tablespoon of Multani mitti. Apply on affected areas and gently remove it after 30 minutes.

8 ways to keep up the spirit in the lockdown


Over the last year, the world has ridden a few waves of coronavirus. Lately, India has been riding along. The ongoing second wave has again compelled people to remain masked and locked again.

As each one of us is impacted by the current situation (lockdown 2.0), it has become necessary as ever to stay hale and hearty.

To keep up the spirit and stay mindful, well, and creative in the lockdown, here is a short list of recommendations:

  1. Look up to Motivating social media accounts

Fill your Instagram feed or Snapchat stories with a lot of positivity. It is better to limit all the bad news.

Follow those accounts that are inspiring in one way or other. Or churning out some feel-good or light-hearted content. Not everything is gloom and doom in the lockdown.

No Motivation? Look to Your Needs to Find It. - The Professor Is In

  1. Your body is a Temple

Get up! And sweat it out. Enough whining about how much you procrastinate your workout and preparing a routine for yourself. Physical activities are a great way to deal with negative emotions.

Try dancing, yoga, meditation, cardio, weight lifting. You name it and the tutorials are available on YouTube and other apps.

Compound Exercises: Benefits, 6 Examples, Safety Tips

  1. Don’t miss out on Affirmations and Gratefulness

The world may be topsy-turvy, but hey you have a roof over your head. When you wake up every morning, think of at least 5 things you are grateful for your family, friends, food, shelter, health, etc. Positive breeds out positive. It is that simple.

A great coping mechanism is affirmations. If you start believing and practising them, then you can harness an optimistic outcome.

How to Write Daily Affirmations That Really Work

  1. Learn with Pleasure

Get into that painting (online) class you always wanted to. Or learn a new language. Or try your hands on some delicious recipes. Since you got spare time, invest in learning new things.

Whatever the situation you are in, it’s important to reset and recover.

English Online courses | British Council

  1. Pick up a new hobby

Make the most out of your extra time by picking up a new hobby or resuming the old ones. You might have a bookshelf filled with an abundance of knowledge but had barely time to read them. So, dust your bookshelf and get back to it now.

Or you can start discovering new recreational activities- cooking, gardening, drawing, designing, etc.

speaking Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt online

  1. Grab your pen and start Journaling

The practice of clearing your head on paper is so relaxing. It will definitely help you to improve your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours.

Researchers believe that developing a narrative about your experiences can aid in tracking your mood, strengths, challenges, and compassion. Ultimately overcoming trauma and negative feelings.

Bullet journaling for beginners: Boost your productivity, creativity

  1. Netflix Party is here to save your day

Miss watching out movies in theatres with your group? Well, the experience of recliners cannot be recreated but yes you can enjoy movies with your friends.

Switch to Netflix party and stream content together (from a safer distance).

Here's Everything New Coming to Netflix in April

  1. Stay connected

Social distancing does not mean staying in isolation as a whole. Kudos to the technology that we can survive this together. Reach out to your friends and family in these trying times. Play games, stream content, chat online, attend virtual concerts, and so on.

Stay connected, get inspired, and help each other.

Stay Home, Stay Connected. Stay Home, Stay Connected | by Nikhil Insulkar |  Searce

Stop feeling blue and create your own physical and mental freedom in this lockdown.

I have personally sought refugees in books. Do let me know which method works for you.

Keep up the damm spirit.